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The Docking Meeting of Supply and Demand of Valve Material...

Recently, the Electrical Instrument Department of the Material and Equipment Department of Sinopec and Nanjing Valve Supply and Reserve Center of China Petrochemical Co., Ltd. organized the docking meeting of supply and demand of valve materials and the promotion meeting of connecting the valve industry chain in Nanjing. Through this meeting, all parties concerned discussed how to enhance the platform trading and online payment scale of easy-to-dispatch passenger valve zone, carry out product quality evaluation and the promotion meeting. The factoring business has reached a consensus.
The deputy director of material and equipment department, Rujun, asked the purchasing housekeeper to enhance service awareness and provide high-quality service to the related parties; implement one-enterprise-one-strategy, understand the pain points of the related parties in depth, grasp the opportunity of the current supply side reform and transformation development, and join hands with the relevant parties in the valve industry to expand and strengthen the Easy-to-send passenger valve zone.
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